5 Hen/Stag Ideas for Galway (July)

5 Hen/Stag Ideas

With Hen/Stag season still in full swing we said we’d take a look at what some of our customers have been getting up to and feature them here. We get a huge amount of Hen/Stag parties passing through Coyotes so we get to hear about plenty of the fun things people are trying out for their parties. We also happen to have packages with many of these businesses and if you mention that we sent you, some discounts apply! So without further ado, here’s our July list of 5 Hen/Stag Ideas!



Galway City Karting

Galway City Karting has long been a favorite among the adrenaline junkies of Galway. It’s a great experience and you will feel wired afterwards and ready for the night. The track is quiet small but the cool thing is because the room isn’t huge, they’ve had to be very clever with the layout of the track. You get a bit of everything on it, a long stretch to really put the foot to the floor, some ‘pin head’ turns (180 degree turns after a bit of a stretch), and a massive turn to drift on. They can cater to any group size up to 30 and have a variety of packages for how long you want to drive for. There’s also a system that keeps track of many details about the race and everyone gets a printout at the end. For more information you can find their website here!

Galway city karting image



Corrib Princess Cruise

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise…but they can be a touch expensive. Luckily we have a cheap alternative right here in the city. The Corrib Princess team offer cruises up and down the beautiful river Corrib and cater to parties of all types. There’s quiet a lot to see on the Corrib to, including beautiful castles and other historical sites. Ideal for the summer time this is a great relaxing start to warm up for the Hen/Stag party. You can find their website here!

Corrb Princess



Galway Greyhound Stadium

The Galway Greyhound Stadium is right in the middle of town and is a really exciting way to start your party. We get many guests arriving in after being at the stadium and they generally love it. They offer a brilliant package for hens & stags. This includes a race program, a 4 course meal, reserved seating in the grandstand, table side service for drinks and betting, and getting a race named after the bride and groom to be. You can find more information on their website here!

Galway Greyhound Stadium Image



Shamrock Pub Tour

Kick off you night with a pub crawl around Galway city.  Your own personal tour guide will bring you around to all the hottest night life spots around the town. This is ideal if your not from the city! These tend to kick off around 8 at Rabbitts and wind up here in Coyotes. The tour also offers free shots, discounted drinks, drinkings games and more so it’s a good bit of craic even if your from the town. You can find more information on their Facebook page here!

Sharock Pub Crawl Image



Coyote Dance lessons

Here at Coyotes were famous for our Coyote girl dancers on the bar. Our house choreographer also offers dance lessons here in the building. These range from classic movie routines like Grease, and Dirty Danceing, to massive charts hit dances like Thriller. A more recent package we’ve put together is the ‘Coyote Girl Experience’. The choreographer shows the party one of the routines our Coyote dancers actually perform on the bar! There is also the option to request a routine and we can get it organized for when you come in.

Coyotes_Late Night bar Club Galway hen parties stag parties galway


So that’s this months round up guys, hope some of you party planners got some use out of this. If you guys have any recommendations you want us to feature just email us and we’d be delighted to write about you!

Hen Stag Activites

5 Activities for Hen/Stag in Galway

Activities in Galway:

Planning a Hen or Stag in Galway? You’ve come to the right place. Galway is a great city with a huge amount of activities to get up to during the day, and also has a thriving night life scene to finish your night. Periodically, we like to highlight some of the activities you can get up to in Galway city that suit Hens and Stags. Do mention Coyotes sent you as you will get a discount with these if you do! So take out your note book and take some notes, here we go!


Pure Skill:

Pure skill is a great option for those sporty folk out there. It’s on the west side of the city near Knocknacarra. Their facility spans over 25,000 Sq Ft and offer a wide selection of sports activities. These include Soccer, Hurling, Gaelic, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, and Golf. Guests are giving cards which are used to keep track of scores so you know who’s coming out on top. Perfect for the more athletic type out there to spend some energy during the day! You can find they’re website here.



Great Escape Rooms:

The first of its kind in Galway, the Escape rooms offer something unique and entertaining to the city. Located right in the center of the city, Guests are locked in a room and have to solve a mystery by finding clues to eventually escape the room. Think saw but without the blood. Guests have 60 mins once they start so time is of the essence! This is used for locals as a business team building exercise as it encourages co-operation. If you have a large party where some of your guests possibly don’t know each other, this is the perfect activity to get everyone joining in and having fun together. Click here to see they’re website!

Great Escape Rooms

Draw a Naked Guy Art-class:

A massively popular activity with Hens, this offers party goers a great alternative to simply booking a stripper. Here you will get to admire, scrutinize and stare in wonderment at the beauty of the human form! The drawing sessions tend to last for approximately 90 mins. Your very own tutor will explain the running order and will give a brief demonstration on how to get started. The party will then be introduced to the model, who will proceed to assume a number of poses. The tutor will assist everyone throughout and a group photo will be taken at the end. You can find more info on they’re website by clicking here!

Draw a Naked Guy

Bubble Football:

Astrobay in Renmore offer a particularly hilarious activity. Even if you hate sport, there’s no doubt you will enjoy the madness that is bubbly football. It is the human equivalent of bumper cars. Think Sumo wrestlers meets football. Guests are put in a giant round inflated ball and are set to play a game of soccer. At least getting tackled won’t hurt! This activity is perfect for those more lighthearted and just looking to began the day with a laugh! You can find more info along with other activities in Astrobay by clicking here!

Bubble Football

Coyotes Late Bar & Club:

Of course we’d have to throw ourselves in here! Coyotes is Galway’s most Hen/Stag friendly venue. Some bars in Galway are known to refuse large groups, or those in costume. Not here though anything goes! We completely encourage a party atmosphere and join in ourselves. We have dancers up on the bar periodically and even have a hostess roaming in costume with special shots for our guests!


Whatever your doing on your Hen/Stag in Galway we hope you have a great one. We also have a section on our site with even more fun activities to try in Galway. You can check that out here.